Honestly, you guys just have such a great concept, and execute it so well. The site is really well done (easy to follow, great info, clear expectations and guidance). I'm really impressed. 

I'm following the Slow Carb diet and The Four Hour Body to transform myself and stay that way. I was 'the fat kid' growing up, dropped about 70 lbs, and slowly put back on about half of that over the past 15 years. My wife got sick this past summer, and I really didn't want our 3 year old to have two sick or unhealthy parents, nor did I want to role model the wrong health for him. I've lost 44 lbs, and 6 percentage points of body fat with a goal of getting to 10% or under by June (I'm at 12.5% now). With the Slow Carb diet, there are lots of things I can eat, but they do take a lot of forethought and often prep, planning ahead or cooking. You never realize until you can't just go grab something somewhere how limiting it can be if you find yourself somewhere with no options. That's where your product came in. I keep some in my car and my brief case since I've been stuck on the road or in meetings and realizing I'm getting super hungry and not feeling well as a result. Problem solved. 

As for my wife, she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease (they think she's had it for 20 years), and also Candida (essentially, an over abundance of yeast in your digestive tract). She's had symptoms for a long time off and on, but last June something just changed and she basically couldn't get out of bed, and wasted away, losing about 20% of her body weight in 3 weeks. She's come back a bit since then, but has had to make some major life changes to get back on her feet. A key aspect to controlling or fighting both of these things is no gluten, low/no sugar, no fruit, no dairy, no soy, only organic food, etc etc etc. Needless to say, we're in similar boats food-wise. Though, of course, mine is by choice, or hers is to get to a place where she can function. So she has been in the same boat, and often stuck at doctors appointments, with literally no food options, which throws her off for hours as she has a pretty intense herb and drug regimen that is all predicated on waiting an hour or so between doses and food (meals take 3-4 hours with this timing). So a slight disturbance in the schedule means bedtime doesn't come until past midnight. Not ideal. Your product will liberate her in such a great way - even just not having that cloud of, "Oh, no, I need to eat, and I'm an hour away from anything I can eat." She is so excited for her bars to come (she only wanted 1 box to start to be sure they agree with her). 

So, I've gone on a really long time, but the point is your concept is awesome, the product is fantastic, the site works really well, and you clearly seem to be good people. I love it. 

Please please please keep up the good work. I'm so glad Tim Ferriss mentioned your product in The Four Hour Body and I decided to check it out. 

- Bryan

You Bars are an amazing invention; I would recommend them to anyone!  I don’t know what I would have done without my You Bar afternoon snacks.   As a nutritionist, I consume all natural foods, however I have never discovered such a delicious taste as your You Bars…I love the ingredients that You Bar uses—everything is pure and simple and the best part is that YOU personally choose every ingredient.

Amie Valpone
The Healthy Apple Blog

You bar satisfies my cravings, which are plenty and I was able to customize it, which is great since I am allergic to soy and corn. I have had problems getting sick with everything I have tried, and I usually know in the first day if I will or not. These bars are perfect and worth every penny! I named my shake Jenifer and my bar Healthy Find.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know I received my bars today. Fantastic!!! I love them. Seriously, they are even better than I'd thought they could be. I have forwarded your website to all of my athletic friends.  And you were right, I love them the way they are, but next order, I'll probably add some almonds for crunchy texture.  You know your stuff. ;)

Shari B.
Los Angeles, CA

My friend has a few food allergies and has a hard time finding a tasty nutritional bar.  He is a search and rescue pilot and often has to go on long missions or pick-up and go to respond to an incident so a bar like this will certainly come in handy if they can’t leave the mission for sustenance.  In addition, he will be deploying to Afghanistan next month so it’ll be a great care package option.

Tanya L.
San Francisco, California