YouBar, The Custom Nutrition Bar Company, On FoodCrafters

Check out Aida Mollenkamp on FoodCrafters personalizing her own custom nutrition bars at YouBar. She will take you through the steps of customizing every element of the protein bar from selecting the ingredients to enjoying the bar. Read more
YouBars featured in the New York Times

With These Nutrition Bars, Every Order Is Special

"AVA BISE and Anthony Flynn share more than a typical mother and son: a birthday, a love of healthy food and a devotion to athletics. Ms. Bise, who teaches belly dancing and practices yoga, taught Mr. Flynn how to snowboard after she learned at age 44."  Read more

Create Your Own Bar: You Bars

"That is why it was really cool to learn about You Bars ($40 for 12 bars) — nutritional bars that you can create all the ingredients for. You can choose the base, protein powder, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, berries, sweeteners, chocolate, seasonings, grains, cereals, and vitamin infusions."  Read more
"This is an amazing site called You Bar."
- Good Morning America, May 3, 2008.

We Ate It: Custom-Made Energy Bars from YouBar

"I am a BIG fan of bars. Energy bars, breakfast bars, granola bars--you name it, I like it! They're portable and great for eating before or after the gym, during a long afternoon meeting or on a road trip."  Read more