Frequently Asked Questions



How soon will retail bar orders be shipped?
While most orders are shipped out within 1 business day, orders that contain custom build-a-bar recipes may take up to 10 business days to produce.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we only ship to locations in the United States.

What allergens are processed in your facility?

We process egg, peanut, soy, wheat, tree nuts and milk in our facility. However, many of our bars are certified gluten-free. If you have allergy concerns, please contact us at before placing an order.


Who are YouBar's clients?
Many of our clients are gym owners, nutritionists, diet book authors (and bloggers), personal trainers, entrepreneurs and celebrities. Our clients develop their own brands of nutrition bars, which they can begin selling almost immediately. Best of all, we take care of all the manufacturing and shipping, so our clients never have to make a bar or mail a product, but they reap the profits.

How do I initiate the development?
Simply click on this link for more information on getting started:

More Information on Wholesale Development with YouBar 

Does YouBar have a web design team that can create my nutrition bar's website?
Yes. We have a professional team of in-house web designers, with over 10 years of experience creating websites for energy bar brands.  

How do I get the bars I sell on my website to my customers?
Our web development team integrates our on-site fulfillment center with the invisible ‘back end’ of your website so that every time one of your customers orders from your website that order comes straight to our staff -- who will ship your bars straight to your customers’ doorsteps.

Will the phrase "Manufactured by YouBar Inc" be printed on my custom bar packages?

If I develop my own custom recipe with YouBar, what will my per bar price be at the end of the process?
That totally depends on you. If you choose inexpensive ingredients and order 500 boxes or more per order then per bar pricing can be as low as $0.69 wholesale to you. If you choose expensive ingredients and place a smaller order then per bar pricing can be much higher.

What ingredients can I use to create my custom bar?
Please ask for our “master ingredient list,” which itemizes all the ingredients that we carry ‘as standard.’ We can source anything for you that is not on the list, but there is a $500 sourcing fee per ingredient for this.

Would there be a fee still if I sent the custom ingredients directly to YouBar instead of YouBar sourcing them?
Yes, the fee would still have to be charged as it covers our in-house FDA compliance checks on new ingredients being introduced into our kitchen.

Can you produce bars in different shapes (ie; round, spherical, star-shaped, etc)
No. We produce exclusively rectangular bars. However, we offer different sizes – from 25 grams to 80 grams.

If I create a custom recipe with you will I “own” the recipe?
Recipes cannot technically be owned through copyright law, and are nearly impossible to patent. 'Ownership' of recipes generally falls simply under 'trade secrets.' Some examples of recipes as trade secrets include the recipes for Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Bush's Baked Beans, etc.

But, all of that being said, your secret is safe with us. We will never disclose your recipe to anyone. We are always happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Please let us know if you’d like us to send you an NDA at any time.

This is similar to the question above: will I “own” my package design?
We license the basic images used in the package design (like the image of the almonds, the image of the coconuts, etc). If you'd like to outright 'own' the entire package design, you would need to own each of the images used in the package design. To do this, you would need to provide us with the images that you would like us to use, which you can demonstrate ownership of. However -- all of that technical stuff aside -- for ALL practical purposes, the package design is completely your own, including the arrangement of the images combined with your bar name and logo, etc. It will always be available to you, and it will never be available to anyone else. If you have us use your logo, and you have that copyrighted, then – of course – that remains in your ownership.

What is your recipe disclosure policy?
We will never disclose any of our proprietary private recipes. If you are creating a custom recipe with us then we offer this as an additional service.

What is your insurance coverage?
We follow strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) in our facility at all times, and all of our staff are Certified Food Handlers. We are registered with the FDA, we have a food processors license from the California Department of Public Health, and the LA County Health Department. We do all we can to prevent cross contamination, and all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each production run. We also x-ray all products as an extra precaution to ensure no hard contaminants are in the bars. We carry full product liability insurance that covers all of the bars made in our facility, including those under other brand names. Please let us know if you would like to have us email you a copy of our insurance certificate.

What is the size of your POS Display boxes? And how many bars do they carry? How much do they weigh?
They carry 12 bars each, and are 8x5x2 inches in size. The weight depends on the size of the bar you choose -- our bars typically vary in weight from 25g - 80g each.

Can I come and take a tour of YouBar’s facility?
We always love to meet our wholesale clients and give them tours of our commercial kitchen! We are proud that all of the kitchen photos on this website are of our own kitchen, with our own awesome staff. Please note that tours need to be arranged in advance (and are only available at certain times) because we have established NDAs with many of our clients, and because of the proprietary processes we utilize.

Do you offer baked or otherwise heat-treated bars?
No. We do not offer any baking services.

Do you offer enrobed (coated) bars?
No. Although we do plan to add this to our services soon.

Can YouBar manufacture certified organic products?
In some cases. This is an additional service that involves a specific review process for your customized recipe. Even without certified organic approval, we can list all the ingredients that we use that are organic as “organic” on the back ingredient label.

Can I use the Build-a-Bar page to create my wholesale recipe
No. We can only offer retail bar pricing – not wholesale bar pricing – through the Build-a-Bar page. We also cannot offer fully custom packaging for bars designed on that page.

Can you produce bars that are Gluten-Free?
Yes! There is a small $25 charge per production run in order to execute the FDA compliant test that makes this claim on the front label of your bars possible.

Can you produce bars that are GMO-Free?

Do you have international clients? Do you ship outside of the United States?
We do have some international clients, but we don’t offer international shipping directly. Our international clients use freight-forwarder companies, such as or to get our bars shipped to them. Creating an account with or is easy and free. When you create an account, they will provide you with a U.S. address, which you use as your address when making a purchase with us for energy bars. Once we make your bars, we will send your bars there (to the address they provide) and then they will take care of the international shipping, and provide you with the rate options.

Please note, however, that – as we do not ship internationally directly – you will be responsible for ensuring that the product complies with local regulations, and you will be responsible for any import taxes that may be incurred.