Custom Recipe Development with YouBar

Launching your Brand



Custom recipe development with YouBar includes a comprehensive program covering all the steps necessary to get your protein bar line ready for launch:

  • You will work directly with our team of Recipe Development Specialists and Food Scientists to craft the perfect custom recipe for your protein bar with specific consideration for quality, macro-nutritional goals, flavor and product integrity.  This includes nutritional database analysis, water activity level testing and full organoleptic evaluation.
  • Recipe development includes up to three rounds of prototype bars that are hand-made and sent to you for evaluation.  After each prototype round, we can tweak the recipe based on your feedback.
  • After you've signed off on your finalized recipe, you will be connected directly with a dedicated graphic designer on our team to create a fully customized package design for your brand.  
  • Our graphic designers are experts on FDA compliance and serve as an invaluable resource for ensuring the compliance of your package designs.
  • Your packages will go through a full FDA compliance review before final sign off.
  • The cost of the recipe development program also includes coverage under our product liability insurance for every bar we produce for you as part of your mass production

Purchase Custom Recipe Development

The information below will help answer specific questions you may have about the custom recipe development process.

Specific Details About the Development Program


The types of bars YouBar manufactures

All of the bars manufactured at YouBar are cold press extruded bars. We never use any type of baking or heat treatment in our process. Review our catalog of retail bars to see full descriptions of some innovative bars we are able to make, including recipes that are Paleo, High Protein, Low Sugar, Vegan, High Fiber and Whole Food bars.

Packaging Pricing and Options

During the recipe development process, you will decide what type of packaging and display box you would like for your bars. Click here for all of the options and specific pricing information.