Getting Started...

YouBar develops and manufactures protein bars for some of the top brands and influencers across a variety of industries.  We help you through every step of the process from recipe development to manufacturing your bars.  Follow the steps below to learn more and begin developing your brand today.

Step 1: Order Samples

Order a box of fresh, hand-made sample bars to get a sense of the consistency and quality YouBar embodies. Your sample box will include our innovative creations highlighting the latest industry trends such as Grass-Fed Whey, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Whole Food bars. The sample box is a great first step to get a sense of what our R&D team is working on.

Order the YouBar Box

Step 2: Learn More

Learn about our development process, frequently asked questions, and everything you need to know before you proceed with building your brand of protein bars. Visit our knowledge center to learn everything you need to know before you get started. You can also try out and order bars using our test recipe customization tool, which gives you limited customization options to give you ideas prior to moving into full recipe development.

 Visit the YouBar Knowledge Center

Step 3: Purchase Development

Once you have tried sample bars and learned about our development process, you can purchase your development program directly online and get started right away.  

YouBar Development Process

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