Thanks so much for your interest in custom protein bars!

Right now, our company is actually exclusively producing protein bars for wholesale clients. Indeed, you may be excited to know that we are now the developers and manufacturers behind many of the cutting-edge protein bars that you see on shelves in stores ranging from Whole Foods to GNC under our wholesale clients’ brand names.

We want to bring all the innovation that we have learned through this thriving wholesale business to our custom build-a-bar platform and so we are in the process of revamping our retail website (the one that used to be right here) in order to incorporate some of this exciting new work.

If you’d like us to let you know as soon as we re-launch our custom build-a-bar site, please can you take a moment to sign up for notifications from us by filling out the form below.

Alternatively, if you might be interested in launching your own brand of bars, we would welcome you to please check out our manufacturing website HERE.

Thank you so much again for your interest and wonderful support!