Natural Food Trends Go Mainstream

September 28, 2016

Natural Food Trends Go Mainstream

The natural food industry is continuously evolving, as are consumer preferences and expectations.  Specialty food products have rapidly expanded from limited availability in niche markets to mainstream retail outlets.  Consumer interest shows no sign of slowing down.  Food Business News recently gathered information from the Natural Products Expo East and highlighted key areas that have become important for consumers.  Many of these key trends translate directly to the nutrition and protein bar markets.

Products with a Mission

Toms Shoes revolutionized this concept for the footwear industry and mission-based organizations have become extremely important to consumers in all industries, including food

Digestive Health

Prebiotics, such as prebiotic fiber in many YouBar popular protein bars, have become a popular addition to consumers concerned about digestive health

Locally Sourced

Supporting small and local business resonates with consumers across industries


Ingredients derived from grass-fed livestock, such as grass-fed whey protein offer a more transparent and sustainable option for consumers

    Take a look at all of the latest consumer trends from the Natural Products Expo East on the Food Business News website.

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