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Forget Bake Sales.

Private Label Nutrition Bars for Your Fundraiser

With YouBar, you can create a brand of private label nutrition bars with custom-packaging featuring your fundraising cause's logo or name, and then sell delicious, nutritious energy bars all year long to raise money for your cause.
Some of the advantages of having own-branded nutrition bars to sell:

How Much Does it Cost?

For fundraisers, we can create bars for you that cost just $0.99 and then sell for $2.99 each - meaning that each bar sold could raise $2.00 for your cause. If you plan to sell boxes of bars (12 per box), each box sold could raise $24.00 for your cause.
We have created fundraising nutrition bars for dozens of excellent causes, including:

Get Started

To get started, please visit our manufacturing website at Alternatively, you can request sample bars by filling out the form below: