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Fresh, Customized Nutrition Bars
"With These Nutrition Bars, Every Order is Special"
  • How do I know if I am ordering a good bar?
    • Remember, ordering a You Bar is a risk free experience. If you don't like your bars, either send us an email at support[at] and you can order another box for free!
  • How Many Bars are in a Box?
    • There are 13 fresh made bars in each box of custom bars. Note that the 13th bar is often packed outside the box.
      A half box contains 6 bars.
      There are 12 bars in a box of popular bars.
  • What is the shelf life of a YouBar?
    • Our bars have a two-month "best by" date on each bar however they generally last longer than two months. We recommend refrigerating your bars for maximum freshness (they will generally last 4 months if properly refrigerated). Bars with honey tend to have an even longer shelf life.
  • Does every bar have nutrition facts, ingredient list, and allergy information on each package?
    • Yes! There is a custom label on each indivdual bar that has your custom nutrition facts, ingredient list and allergy information.
  • Are your products kosher?
    • Many of our ingredients are kosher, and it is easy to choose a bar that utilizes only kosher ingredients; however, our kitchen is not certified kosher.
  • Are your products organic?
    • Many, but not all, of our ingredients are certified organic, however we are not a certified organic facility so our bars are not organic.
  • Are your products gluten free?
    • You may select gluten free ingredients for your bar. however your recipe may contain traces of gluten because our kitchen also processes recipes with gluten.
  • I have allergies; can you guarantee that what I order will not contain certain ingredients?
    • You may select the ingredients in your bar, however, your bar may contain traces of soy, wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts & peanuts because our kitchen also processes items with those ingredients.
  • I like high protein bars, what is the maximum amount of protein I can have in my bar?
    • We can usually provide up to 20 grams of protein per bar in a large sized bar, if requested, depending on ingredients chosen.
  • When will my customized You Bar order be ready?
    • Allow 1-5 days for us to make your fresh, customized You Bars. All bars, popular and customized, are custom made in our You Bar kitchen for maximum freshness. You will receive an emailed order confirmation when your order is received.
  • How can I get the highest possible amount of protein into the bars?
    • For the highest level of protein be sure to select the protein base, extra protein for the protein powder section and a sweetener. We require a sweetener for maximum protein because the protein comes in powder form and to balance out the dryness of the powder we need a wet ingredient which are all of our sweeteners. If you are looking for a low sugar high protein bar we would recommend selecting chicory root fiber which adds fiber and keeps the sugar content down.
  • How long will it take for my order to ship and arrive?
    • Once we finish making and shipping your customized bars, you will be emailed a shipping confirmation. We ship using either USPS Priority Mail for FedEx. Please allow 1-5 business days for your order to arrive. You will be offered faster FedEx shipping options at checkout.
  • Can you email gift certificates or regular-mail gift cards directly to the recipients?
    • Gift certificates are instantly emailed to you. If you would prefer regular mailing of credit card-style gift cards to your gift recipients, just reply to the emailed gift certificate and send us the addresses of the people on your gift list. We will take care of the mailing at no additional charge to you.
  • What is APO / FPO?
    • This is a military designated address that allows mail to be delivered to overseas locations at domestic rates. The format for a military address according to US Postal Service FAQ page: Instead of a city and state, these addresses use APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office), along with "AE" (mail going to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and portions of Canada), "AP" (the Pacific) and "AA" (for the Americas and portions of Canada). Therefore, the bottom line of overseas military addresses is: APO or FPO; followed by AE, AP, or AA; and then the ZIP Code.
  • Does You Bar Ship to an APO or FPO Address?
    • We are proud to say that we do ship to both APO or FPO addresses. The shipping cost is the same as though we were shipping domestic in the USA. The shipment does usually take a little longer to get there so please allow 7 to 10 days.
  • My order should have arrived by now. What should I do?
  • Which credit cards do you accept?
    • We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover through the PayPal system.
  • What will appear on my credit card statement?
    • When you make a credit card purchase through us, you will see a charge from "You Bar" on your statement.
  • How do I know if I am ordering on a secure site?
    • For a complete answer, please review our Privacy and Security Policies.
  • What are you going to do with my name and order information?
    • For a complete answer, please review our Privacy and Security Policies.
  • Do you have an automatic recurring order program?
    • Yes, the You Bar VIP program allows you to have bars automatically shipped at your selected frequency so you are ensured a supply of fresh bars without having to remember to order. Our recurring order program is called You Bar VIP. Delivery choices are: Biweekly - orders arrive every two weeks, Triweekly - orders arrive every three weeks, and Monthly - orders arrive every month